Company survival demands efficient
       and sustained top-line revenue growth

At Altus Alliance, we call that Revenue Traction. And it’s not easy, especially when you’re launching a new business venture. Your odds for success can increase dramatically, though, with the help of an experienced guide. We know the way like no one else. Over the past decade we’ve directly contributed to the success of more than 100 clients. Some were startups, many of which you‘ve probably heard of by now. Others were major, well-established companies looking to strike out in new directions.

The Altus team is a cadre of seasoned business professionals all with Fortune 100 experience and a deep understanding of the profound challenges of early stage businesses. We specialize in defining and executing highly efficient sales and business development strategies that reduce risk and increase both the speed and volume of early revenues. Together we’ve devised our own rigorous methodology to provide leadership and hands-on assistance during any phase of the sales process:

  • Plan. We’ll thoroughly analyze your product, positioning, target market, and business model to identify and validate the prime opportunities for near- and long-term sales revenue, then follow up with a prioritized, market-driven action plan to guide your next steps.
  • Execute. We’ll join – or even become – your sales team, meeting with prospects and helping deals happen. Behind the scenes, we’ll gather intelligence about your product’s performance and the market’s perception; develop plans for generating revenue through multiple distribution channels and direct sales opportunities; and help you refine strategies to accelerate revenue.
  • Scale. We’ll design a high performance sales team with optimized compensation, pipeline, and forecasting models; equip that team with best-practice sales processes, methodologies, and metrics to measure and improve effectiveness; and help your team identify hot opportunities and drive customers through a proven lifecycle methodology.
  • Hire. We’ll evaluate key positions in your sales, marketing, and business development groups, then tap our collective network of top-tier “revenue talent” to find the right fit for these critical roles.
Whether you’re launching a new startup or planning a fresh venture inside a Fortune 500 company, Altus Alliance can guide you to the top. Just let us know when you’re ready.

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