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Others Online Gets Liquid

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Rubicon ProjectRoughly 10% of the time, Altus is fortunate enough to take a client from first revenues, all the way through an exit event. Not bad when you consider the industry average suggests that less than 5% will earn a big surprise check for their efforts. The most recent member to the club was Jordan Mitchell and his team at Others Online, who had invented a proprietary algorithm for understanding what people care about online. We started working with the team in 2008 to define the target segments for his new ad technology, identify and close customers within that strategy.

Fortunately the ad market was red hot, and Jordan was spot-on with identifying the need for better ad relevance to consumer behavior. One of the up and comers in the ad space was The Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) who we secured a meeting with at the 2008 AdTech conference in San Francisco. Once they saw what we had built and validated with early customers (especially Google, who saw a 70% improvement in ad performance), they agreed to pursue a partnership. Within six months of the meeting, we had inked the partnership and tested the technology across the Rubicon Project’s customer base.

Rubicon was very impressed with the Others Online technology and team, and made the offer to acquire in early 2009. 100% of the core Others Online team moved in with the new parents and faithfully delivered on every one of the earn-outs for the next 3 years. Fortunately, Rubicon Project also had a great team and technology, and together, they launched a successful IPO in April of this year, to the delight of all the Others Online investors. As you can see from the photo, Jordan and two of his original team members look to be living happily ever after.

Docusign garners National Association of Realtors investment

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Altus client, Docusign, has been on a tear. The latest validation of their momentum was the investment reported by TechFlash that came from the VC arm of the National Association of Realtors. Docusign was one of Altus Alliance’s first Sales Process Optimization (SPO) clients a couple years ago. The results of that engagement have led to several other SPO engagements with their venture investors.

Sesame Communications posts 47% year over year growth

Friday, October 16th, 2009

We are pleased to report that Sesame Communications who we have worked with over the last year is being recognized for their great revenue growth over the last year. At a time when “flat is the new up”, growing by nearly 50% is very impressive and we are happy to be associated with them.

The following is the press release they put out on the wire today:

Today Sesame Communications, a dental industry pioneer in online patient connection management, has been recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) as one of the 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington State for 2009. The selection was based on the company’s level of net revenue growth over the past three years. The PSBJ and RSM McGladrey accounting firm conducted research to verify the company’s net revenues and growth rate. Sesame was honored at the PSBJ’s October 15th evening reception as one of Washington’s fastest-growing businesses, and featured in the October 16th issue of the Journal on newsstands today.

“The tougher economy, increased competition among clinicians, and a strong patient preference to interact with service providers online have all accelerated the adoption of the Sesame 24/7 Suite of services,” said Frith Ann Maier, CEO of Sesame Communications. “Dentists now see that being online means being in touch with patients where they spend their time.”

This recognition comes on the heels of Sesame’s endorsement by the Washington State Dental Association as its preferred online service provider. With over 2.7 million patients around North America getting information from their dental professionals through Sesame’s email services and online information access portal, the company expects to continue its growth pattern.

An emerging growth company, Sesame has steadily built its market penetration with substantial year-over-year growth and sustained profitability since its inception in 2000. In 2008, the company posted 47% revenue growth and its pace has accelerated in the first half of 2009. Sesame has anchored its growth in a comprehensive suite of solutions helping dentists effectively connect with patients, ultimately translating to practice profitability. Sesame’s service offerings for dental providers include high scoring patient appeal rated websites and search engine optimization, 24/7 information access, electronic patient feedback mechanisms, appointment reminders, online doctor-to-doctor collaboration, as well as online marketing modules. For more information about Sesame’s services, go to:

Optimum Energy Secures $4.5 Million to Fuel Company Growth, Accelerate Sales of HVAC Energy Efficiency Software

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Optimum Energy has been an Altus Alliance client for the last year or so. Bill Lawler has led a Sales Process Optimization (SPO) project adding HVAC sytems to the list of different markets sectors where SPO has worked. Other successes have ranged from SaaS, Online Advertising, Higher Ed lead generation, enterprise software and more. The press release detailing the funding round for Optimum is appended below. Congratulations to Nathan, Gary, Jim and Ben.

SEATTLE, Wash. — June 17, 2009 — Optimum Energy, LLC, provider of Ultra High Performance HVAC software solutions that set a new standard in energy efficiency, today announced it has secured a commitment of up to $4.5 million in equity financing  led by investor, LLC. Leveraging the success of OptimumHVACTM, third-generation heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) energy efficiency software introduced in October 2008, this financing will be used to respond to broad scale demand from the market. Based on current operating plans, Optimum Energy does not anticipate future funding rounds.

“Columbia Pacific invests in and operates a diversified set of businesses,” said Stan Baty, managing member, Columbia Pacific Advisors. “Optimum Energy is at the top of our portfolio on three important criteria: customer value proposition, financial model, and alignment with market trends. It offers building owners proven economic payback along with environmental credentials. Optimum Energy has succeeded in building its business efficiently and now is poised for profitable revenue growth as it rides the wave of demand-generating legislation and investment.”

Optimum Energy’s solution is based on Hartman technologies that have achieved or exceeded projected reductions in energy use in more than 60 installations across the U.S. Optimum Energy’s active pipeline of sales opportunities is currently more than $25 million, consisting of approximately 180 projects in a wide range of facilities, including: commercial high rise office towers, schools and universities, data centers, federal and state government facilities, hotels, casinos, airports and shopping centers.

“Since the company was founded in 2005, we’ve been focused on a capital efficient validation of market size and the performance of our technology,” said Nathan Rothman, CEO and founder of Optimum Energy. “Now that we’ve demonstrated the scalability and persistent results our software solution provides, we’re expanding our sales and engineering teams to respond more quickly to increasing market demand. This round of funding positions us well to serve this growing market and realize our revenue goals.”

Management Team

Today Optimum Energy announced the naming of Bert Hogue to chief financial officer, and Gary Gigot, Microsoft and Visio alumnus, to chief marketing officer. Optimum Energy’s management team also includes Nathan Rothman, B.E.P., CSDP, CEO and founder; Jim Hanna, vice president and founder; and Ben Erpelding, P.E., C.E.M., director of engineering. The company is currently recruiting a vice president of sales. 

Optimum Energy is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with satellite offices in California, Texas and New York.

OptimumHVAC Solutions

Optimum Energy’s standard software solution is targeted at facilities equipped with centrifugal chiller plants and/or variable air volume HVAC systems.

For each project, Optimum Energy’s Engineering Services group provides a scope of work, projects savings and calculates return on investment, including applicable utility incentives. Payback typically falls into the 18 to 36 month range. Optimum Energy then delivers those projected savings with OptimumHVAC software, resulting in increased operating efficiency that lasts the life of the plant. OptimumHVAC also gives facility managers the ability to measure and validate HVAC performance anytime, anywhere, via a secure Web site.

About Optimum Energy, LLC

Based in Seattle, Washington, Optimum Energy’s reliable, demand-based Ultra High Performance HVAC optimization software applications are proven to reduce commercial building HVAC energy consumption and operating costs up to 60 percent. More information is available at

Clean Energy Trend: Energy Efficiency

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Altus client Optimum Energy has made major strides in the last year reaching a wide array of commercial buildings. In this interview on the Seattle Startup Buzz, Optimum Energy’s CEO shares where they are having success, the stimulus package’s impact on them, what others can learn from their experience and even a bit about Ken Griffey and Lance Armstrong. Read this interview with Nathan Rothman.

More record sales for Altus clients in March

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

There’s too much doom and gloom news so hope you don’t mind a bit of glee being shared. Another client had a barnburner March which is great to see in this environment. Here’s a quote from Altus partner Bill Lawler’s email to our firm.

Implemented Quarterly ROB and killed it at the end of Q1. Big celebration here!! Very fun. Biggest day, Biggest month!! Now they get why we care about the Rhythm of the Business!! Closed down shop at 3:30PM (on 31st of month) and went for margaritas.

The Rhythm of Business is one of the core processes we leave behind during a Sales Process Optimization project. It makes a huge difference.

Great way to brighten a weekend: killer month of sales

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It sure makes a weekend when we get an unsolicited email like this one from a client we wrapped up a couple months back. We like to work ourselves out of a job and leave behind a team that can thrive after we leave.

March is turning out to be a killer month for us and the team is really humming. Am feeling good about the structure that we architected and Sales Director is doing a great job driving AE’s and AM’s.

Altus clients prospering in the New Year

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Now more than ever revenue traction is a life or death proposition for new businesses during the current economic climate. With our original Outsourced Business Development Practice we were able to help our clients succeed in the aftermath of the tech bust earlier this decade. Since launching our Sales Process Optimization Practice in the last couple of years, we’re thrilled to say we’re batting 1000 with guiding our clients to rapid revenue growth in over a dozen engagements. These successes have been directly or indirectly written about in several leading publications and blogs including iMediaConnection (the leading trade publication for the Interactive Marketing Industry), VC Journal, Newsosaur (high profile blog for the Internet news industry written by an investor/advisor and industry veteran), Private Equity Week, and (site created by David Cohn and Jeff Jarvis, the leading pundit in New Media and author of the new book What Would Google Do?). [Please note that VC Journal and Private Equity Week is only available to subscribers and via reprints]

The great news is that all is not doom and gloom during a recession as Dave Chase wrote about for iMediaConnection – How brands thrived during the Great Depression. In fact, our clients are thriving. One even had a recent exit that builit on the strength Sales Process Optimization that created a world class telesales machine which was a core reason for the acquisition. The best thing about the successes highlighted below is that these companies can succeed without an exit as a result of the sales traction they have achieved. These companies represent a wide array of business from Internet media to a SaaS software solution to company providing energy savings solutions for building owners to a lead generation company for educational institutions. A common thread is that all have highly fragmented customer bases where traditional, expensive shoe-leather sales models don’t pencil out so we helped them implement a more successful model.

In the midst of the negativity in the press, it’s great to hear success stories. The following is a sampling across 4 companies:

  • In the Fall of 2006, this company had just surpassed 1,000,000 customer transactions per month that they get paid on. After restructuring their end-to-end sales process including lead generation through retention programs, two years later they were at 18,700,000 customer transactions per month. Since revenue correlated with those transactions, their revenue has increased 700% and they achieved their first profit after years of major losses (greater than $5MM per year).
  • We worked with this next company over a 6-month project that saw their revenue grow from $2MM to over $3MM per month and their sales cycle nearly cut in half from 45 days to 25 days.
  • We recently wrapped up a 4-month project that saw this company grow new customers per month from 10 to 25 while reducing their sales cycle from 4.5 months to 2 months. Last month, they achieved their single highest revenue day in their history as well as a record sales month.
  • The final company we’ll feature has a much longer sales cycle and complex sales process which we’ve helped them reduce from a 2 year sales cycle to 6 to 12 months. Over the course of the 8-month project, their sales pipeline grew from a $3MM pipeline to a higher quality, more qualified pipeline of $1722MM. Thus far, this has translated into their new installations per month growing four-fold.

We were able to guide these successes by applying a 13 phase process that takes the companies through a rigorous set of processes and workshops that elevate the company’s effectiveness. If you’d like an overview of the 13 phase process, click on any of the partners on our About Us page for our contact information.

13 Phase Sales Process Optimization overview


Dave Chase interviewed after New Business Models for News Summit

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Chase was interviewed by David Cohn of Spot.Us about his experience at the New Business Models for News Summit that was put on by CUNY, David Cohn and Jeff Jarvis. He shared his experiences about building a successful hyperlocal local media business particularly in this challenging economic time. The interview can be watched here.

The company that Dave is working with is NextNewsNet that builds off of the success of SunValleyOnline and NewWest.Net. He has been applying both the methodologies of Altus’ Sales Learning Curve and Sales Process Optimization practices with the help of Bill Lawler. Bill’s background with Dell has been particularly helpful in developing a low cost customer acquisition model. NewWest.Net has already seen the quantity of HOT Opportunities increase 4-5x in the early stages of the project. If past experience holds, this will result in a significant increase in revenue.

The video is of Dave Chase doing a “lightning round” at the summit explaining what has been learned with SunValleyOnline and NewWest.Net that is being applied to the NextNewsNet business model is located here.

Successful exit built on the strength of Sales Process Optimization

Friday, September 26th, 2008

This week another Altus Alliance client had a successful exit that was reported on The following is an excerpt from the beginning of the article.

Media Recovery, a leading Datacenter products and services company, has acquired ISSI Data (, a privately held company headquartered in the Seattle, Wash., area. ISSI Data is a recognized national reseller and direct marketer of information security and storage infrastructure solutions.

The acquisition of ISSI Data will enable Media Recovery to harness the power of a strong inside sales operation and an expanded online catalog sales business.

From the time that Altus partner Bill Lawler joined the firm we saw the opportunity to build a practice we refer to as our Sales Process Optimization practice that has a major effect on Inside Sales operations. ISSI was one of the first clients where we saw the impact of optimizing the sales process from lead generation through acquisition, development and retention of clients’ sales organization. As the examples at the aforementioned link demonstrate, optimizing the sales process can have a dramatic effect on revenue and profitability. We are thrilled that ISSI has had a successful exit particularly in the midst of a tougher climate for exits.

ISSI was a great example of how Altus engages with a client to tap into the breadth of Altus’ expertise. Dave Jones was the original partner helping with business development. During that time, he brought in Dave Chase for a day to tap his knowledge around Internet marketing and lead generation and again when Chase helped on a 6-week Sales Learning Curve Assessment project. Later the baton was handed off to Bill Lawler to address the areas identified in the assessment which manifested itself as one of the first Sales Process Optimization projects.

Originally, we thought of the Sales Process Optimization practice as strictly a complement to our Sales Learning Curve and Outsourced Business Development practices that would apply later in a company’s lifecycle as was the case with ISSI. Instead, we have found that startups at a much earlier stage in their development are interested in ensuring their end to end sales process is optimized from day one. For example, NextNewsNet is a digital media startup in the local Internet media arena that is applying the Sales Process Optimization methodology as it prepares to make its first sales call. NextNewsNet’s team and advisors are some of the most seasoned and well known people in the Internet media business who know driving down the cost of customer acquisition is vital from Day One. It’s much cheaper to get it right from the early days than reengineering later.