deliverables-curveEstablish or optimize your sales organization to scale to its full potential.

Companies that have aligned their product to the market and validated its positioning and performance with real customers can confidently make the investment in launching a dedicated sales team. Fortifying your sales plan with the processes and tools that ensure traction and scalability from the outset enables you to enter the market with confidence, flexibility, and momentum.

Sales Process Optimization:
  • Equip your sales team with best-practice sales processes, methodologies, and metrics to measure and improve effectiveness.
  • Help your sales team identify hot opportunities and drive customers through a proven lifecycle methodology.
  • Build a high performance sales team with optimized compensation, pipeline, and forecasting models.
  • Sales organizational models
  • Proven sales process models and CRM designs
  • Compensation models
  • Lifetime customer methodology
  • Pipeline and forecasting models
  • Hot opportunity profiling
  • Account plan and account review templates
  • Tools and metrics to motivate and monitor team performance
Success stories:
  • DocuSign – Altus increased monthly revenue 16x in less than 9 month, making the company profitable for the first time in its history
  • Pathable – Established and implemented a highly efficient sales and channel model and team that has consistently delivered quarter over quarter revenue growth from day one.
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